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General Information about the museum

The museum “The Prehistoric World” is about science and beliefs concerning our origin.

General Information about the museum

The museum “The Prehistoric World” is about science and beliefs concerning our origin. With origins we mean the history and origin of the universe, the earth, life on earth, the animals and humans, and so on. The museum is primarily for education, discussion and to provide an experience (the latter more when we have finished our experience exhibit).

It is also possibly to give a party at the museum, were we can rearrange the interior of the museum.

You can visit the museum alone or with others, like with your shool class. If a whole group/class visit us, we can arrange a guided tour, as we already have done for hundreds of classes. We can also prepare a drug-free celebration/party at the museum. Than we just refurnish some parts of the museum.


Dinosaurs are fun, therefore we have collected some extra material concerning them. We also exhibit more real fossils than they do in the regular collection at the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm (even if they possess more fossils, hidden away in their boxes and archives).

Nice to remember

We sell real fossils, for example pieces of dinosaur bones. We can also deliver complete dinosaur bones and even complete skeletons, but they are quite expensive so we have to order some explicit for you … We also sell some fine rocks, minerals, crystals and fossil fish, shark teeth, trilobites etc, and things like that  – things which are great for gifts.

Working with philosophy

First of all we want that the visit at our museum will start to think critically and not just embrace what various authorities say (including what is said at the museum). This is fundamental to all human socializing, and also the basis for democracy. That includes respect for others’ opinions, even if you do not share them. (If we all have the same views, there’s a risk that it is brainwashing!)

We therefore welcome a discussion on various issues. We oppose all discrimination and the “ivory tower” kind of reasoning (ie someone consider themselves superior to others and therefore do not want to discuss).

If you want to go deeper into these issues, we also welcome a profound discussion about different interpretations of Earth’s history (this applies only if you want to discuss). Research related to todays issues is often directly applicable in practice, such as how best to build a bridge or make a good medicine, so you can´t do too many mistakes. But regardless of how the ancient history took place we are here. Alternative explanations for the past and our origin therefore do not often provide immediate practical consequences. This can be seen for example of the discussion in the scientific literature.

But the question concerning origins is basically a religious/philosophical question, whether you’re an atheist or believe in a creator. Therefore, that question, for various reasons is extra sensitive to many people and some even refuse to discuss their faith. We accept and understand the latter position, but we can bring up and discuss even these difficult questions, if it can be made openmindedly. (Questions can be answered via the contact page.)

There are unfortunately many who name their faith or religious view with the label “fact” or “science”. You can believe that your faith is science. However, there is a problem if you want to present dogmatically this faith and calling it fact or science, while at the same time you are not willing to let anyone critically examine and challenge this belief system. The museum is opposed to such an undemocratic and unscientific approach.

Tough questions

This museum, The Prehistorc World (Den Förhistoriska Världen) is run by a a non-denominational Christian association which cooperates with all who wants to cooperate and who dares to discuss difficult questions. But discussing difficult questions isn’t something which all dare to do – but we offer you help to get started!

We do NOT believe that life is meaningless, as many scientists and authors of textbooks has come to believe lately. The latter belief is often due to unconsciously confusing the scientific method (which is a method to explore the world and the universe) with a philosophy/religion that says that there is no real purpose in life.

It is difficult to understand why someone might be interested in bringing out a faith of meaninglessness. It is anyways pointless with a message that life has no meaning and it isn’t making anyone happy.(Perhaps someone unwittingly finds a sense of just spreading a message, regardless of whether the message is good or bad, true or false?)

You can find information about this belief in futility in the scientific press (they do not always say so, but the basic idea is meaninglessness).

Many scientists have also stated that they are not interested in discovering what is true. They are only interested in explaining everything with their own beliefs/philosophies/theoiesy. (See for example a statement by Todd, from the scientific journal Nature, here quoted in an article by creation scientists.)

The latter, to exclude all thoughts except what you believe in yourself, does NOT include how we address the issues at the museum. That is, we believe in openness and discussion, even about the most basic questions. (However, we do not always have the same views as the web sites we link to.)

The board of directors, The Prehistoric World