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The temple of Jerusalem – all 12 stones mentioned in the Bible, Revelation 21.

Price: 450 SEK plus postage.

The temple of Jerusalem – all 12 stones mentioned in the Bible, Revelation 21.

Price: 450 SEK plus postage.

The box containg the gem stones is 20 cm long and 11 cm wide. Most stones are 1-2 cm long. The size of the various stones may vary between boxes. Sometimes a kind of gemstone is bit smaller and another a bit larger, depending on availability. The final value is the same.

The box is available in Swedish, Norwegian and English, but more languages will be added as soon as we receive an order for any other language.

Want more and finer stones – read more below the line! (The box shown in the picture is a slightly more expensive version.)

The two rarest and also the most expensive stones are chrysolite (stone 7) and hyacinth (stone 11). The price increases much with the size and quality.

The chrysolite in the box may be about 3-4 mm in diameter. If you want a larger chrysolite, about 5-15 mm (long axes), you may add c.100-200 SEK (and then we remove the small stones). (The price difference depends both on what is the quality and size of the stone. A smaller stone is more valuable if the gem quality is higher.)

The hyacinth in the box is very small, a few mm in size. If you want a hyacinth which is about 5-15 mm in diameter the cost is 100-300 SEK extra. (The price difference depends on the quality and size of the stone.) We can also include a larger stone that resembles hyacinth and is called tiger eye, for SEK 15 or more. (There is a tiger eye in the picture.)

If you want extra large and extra fine stones of all the twelve gem stones, you have to add more or less, depending on what you want. We already have boxes of extra fine gemstone quality of stones that you order through us here (but, the size of the stones is about the same as in the standard box for 450 SEK, except the chrysolite and the hyacinth).

You can get the text in Norwegian, Swedish and other languages of your choice.

We also have larger boxes (about 30x20x4 cm) for about 2500 SEK. These big boxes are of untreated wood with glass on the front and contains 16 different stones from the Bible (and the stones are of course larger). You can select which the last four stones shall be, but we suggest ruby, agate and tiny grains of gold in quartz. See here for other suggestions of stones. (Someone wanted silver, but if you want it as a mineral, it is among the most expensive available – very rare and probably more than SEK 10 000 … It is cheaper to buy both gold and silver in a jewellery shop than to buy them as minerals. However, small grains of gold in quartz are affordable in price.)

General terms of prices:
Small stones are cheaper, larger stones will cost a few hundreds and up – the price increases exponentially (several thousands if you want …). And – the final price depends on whether you want gemstone quality or just big rocks, crystals, tumbled stones or rough stone. You can choose the price range of your boxes and even buy single gems.

We can put together even finer boxes, if you get in touch through our contact page.