Guided tours

[img_assist|nid=18|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=134|height=104]We offer many different kinds of tours, training courses, parties/celebratio

[img_assist|nid=18|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=134|height=104]We offer many different kinds of tours, training courses, parties/celebrations at the museum.

A ‘”standard” guided tour takes about 45 minutes, plus you get time to walk around in the exhibits on your own an extra 30 minutes. For this tour we also send around some fossils that everyone may hold, such as real fossils of dinosaurs.

“Special” – guided tours can vary from 10 minutes up to long courses of several months (or even years). Most groups, however, takes a “standard” tour. We can guide/teach in English and Swedish.

We accept all kinds of groups, such as 4-5 year olds from kindergarten, all types of schools at all levels, tourists, businesses, university departments, Ph.D. students and researchers on specific projects.

Maximum number in each group: About 20 adults and 30 children under 13 years of age. (If the group gets bigger you can not see the objects in the museum very well.)


From 300 SEK for a “standard” tour. (This price includes entry, so there will be no additional cost to the 300 SEK if there is a ‘standard “guided group).

For a (drug-free) birthday party/parties etc, with access to tables for food, the price is c. 200-500 SEK extra per group in addition to the normal cost for a gudied tour (depending on what you want to be included – meals/snacks are not included in this price).

If possible, we welcome groups outside normal opening hours, so that it becomes a more focused visit with no “outside” visitors at the same time. However, it is also possible to come during regular business hours.

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